10 facts about Jacqueline Wilson

We all have a favourite author right? In my opinion there is nothing better than snuggling by the fire and getting lost in a book. One of my favourite books to read is Sleepover by Jacqueline Wilson who is one of the best authors that I have found. If you like very realistic books that are are also quite girly then I think you will like her.
So for all the book lovers out there here are 10 facts about Jacqueline Wilson:

1) She was born on 17th December 1945, making her almost 71, in Bath, Somerset.
2) Her father was a civil servant and her mum was an antiques dealer.
3) She had no interest in mathematics and used to stare out of the window during lessons so was given the nickname Jackie Daydream ( also the name of her auto biography.)
4) Her first job was working on a new girls magazine called * Jackie*.
5) At the age of 40 she took A- level English and achieved an A grade. She completed some crime fiction novels before focusing on children’s books.
6) She now lives in a victorian villa in Kingston upon Thames.
7) Her library, that includes 15,000 books, extends into the building at the bottom of her garden
8)She is the patron of the charity Momentum which helps children from Surrey ( and their family’s) undergoing treatment for cancer.
9) In 2008 she became Dame Jacqueline Wilson.
10) To date she has written over 100 books.

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  1. Maisie Shaw | Jan 27, 2017 at 2:15 pm | Reply

    I love this Tilly do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Really good facts Matilda.

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