10 of my favourite Lush Halloween and Christmas Lush products

My article this time will be about Lush products, I absolutely adore Lush, their products smell scrumptious!


Sparkling pumpkin- A bath bomb, it makes the bath go all orange and sparkly, it smells delicious.

Nightwing- A shower jelly shaped as a bat, as dark as the black sky and a fresh smell of aloe vera and zesty lime.

Lord of Misrule- Is a shower cream which has a herbal scent and  is very relaxing.

Goth Fairy- A delightful shimmer bar that will lift up your spirits with a fruity scent and a nice glow to your bath.

Monsters Ball- a colurful bath bomb full of different colours, a great scent of lime and sweet perfumes, this will brighten your feelings.


Stardust- A bath bomb star shaped, also scented with vanilla, rosewood and bergamot a great boost to your mind.

Shoot for the stars- launch this bath bomb into your bath and watch it spin wait for the colurs to dazzle, scent of Brazzilian orange.

Snow Fairy- Is a shimmering shower jelly with a fragrance of bubblegum and vanilla, and magical sweet fairy dust is included.

Mistletoe- This bath bomb will create a purple/fuschia colour to your bath and will fizz quickly also it has a scent of jasmine.

The magic of Christmas – make several swishes to this bath bar, this has a cinnamon scent which will give a boost to your skin whilst bathing.


Halloween 5:

Image result for sparkly pumpkin lush      Image result for Nightwing lush

Image result for Lord of Misrule lush       Image result for lush goth fairy shimmer bar



Image result for Monster Ball lush


Image result for Stardust lushImage result for Shoot for the stars lush

Image result for Mistletoe lush    Image result for snow fairy lush

Image result for The magic of christmas lush


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  1. Matilda Higgins | Nov 4, 2016 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    really good!

  2. Nimrah Younis | Dec 2, 2016 at 1:45 pm | Reply

    this is really good ellie xo

  3. This is really good Ellie!

  4. this sounds good ellie

  5. this is really good ellie

  6. this is great

  7. well done Ellie


  9. Well done Ellie you did a great piece of writing. You used excellent vocabulary.

  10. Joe Greenwood | Jan 26, 2017 at 7:12 am | Reply

    Even though I dont like lush its good writing and good for those who like lush.

  11. Erin Preston | Jan 26, 2017 at 9:57 pm | Reply

    Well done Ellie. This article is REALLY good. As a Big lush fan I can say that from your writing and the way you described the bath bombs with good vocab I need to try them all out!

  12. That was really good Ellie. I know you like lush.

  13. I love lush too, this is a great article and I like the pictures!

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