Have you ever heard of the 102 dalmatians? It is the sequel to 101 dalmatians. In this book Cruella turns over a new leaf and helps pups this time.Chloe is still not sure about Cruella and warns Kevin about her. Kevin ignores the plea and follows Cruella like a dog following it’s master.He had not made much progress and his 2nd chance shelter was closing down . If it was not for Cruella De Vil he would have lost his job. One day Chloe takes her pups to work and Oddball(she has not got her spots) falls down the window. She rapidly saves Oddball before anyone raised suspicion . Meanwhile down at the dog shelter the clock strikes and Cruella twitches an evil smile .When she got home she ushered her faithful steward and ordered him bring the dog fur coat.She then called on an a expert designer and asked him to make her a fur coat made of … dalmatian fur ! One night Cruella asks Chloe to bring Dipstick to a banquet . While she was there her puppies got pupnapped by a hired burglar! Luckily Oddball doesn’t get taken because she had no spots.


Dipstick, Chloe, Kevin and Waddlesworth go and rescue them. They rescue them just before the pups are made into coats . The pups then make a “Cruella cake”.

This is a wonderful book to read on cold an wintry nights. I recommend this book to children from nine downwards.

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  1. My favorite dalmatian movie honestly

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