Bun recipe.

The  recipe I am showing you is the original fairy cake recipe. The ingredients needed are as followed…


  • 100g self raising flour
  • 100g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • Vanilla essence (optional)

I have chosen this recipe to talk about as it is easy to remember because you only need a few ingredients. The recipe can also be tweaked and other ingredients can be added to your taste.

Here are a few example of different ingredients that can be added:


A healthy option would be the common blueberry as it adds a pop of colour and some vitamin C. Vitamin C is well know to support the immune system.

Grated Lemon Zest.

Lemon zest could be added to make the cakes have a fresher, lighter taste for those who do not like too much sugar.

Chocolate Chips.

Chocolate chips added to your buns is great for those who have a sweet tooth.

I enjoy using this recipe to bake with my mum as it is easy to do as my mum is rubbish at baking!

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  1. What a lively piece of writing Layla-Mae. Great style and choice of phrasing. I still remember my first cookbook and the first thing I baked… fairy cakes (as we call them down south, not buns).

  2. That was very good, but where is the title for the recipe. I will try that when I get time in the holiday. Are you going to make them and give one to Mr Booth and Miss Austick

  3. This is a great article! Well done! I just want to ask, why have you chosen to call it [no title]? Why didn’t you call it how to make a bun? I might use your recipe and actually make buns!

  4. Just the other day I was thinking about making cupcake

  5. It was mavls

  6. Why don’t you call it how to make buns

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