Hogwarts Houses


Gryffindor’s are normally seen as one of the ‘good houses’ to be in, certainly Harry thinks so! But, what makes bravery so good? ┬áBravery is good, but it can get you killed if you don’t use it properly.


Slytherin :

A common prejudice is that the students are all evil. Ambition is NOT evil, nor is cunning. Ambition is what gives people drive, which is essential to advancement. However, the cruelty aspect often mixes with the ambition and cunning.

Another ‘good house’. Intelligence is great. But it doesn’t mean you have the good sense to use it. It also tends to lead to a lack of connection with real people, because of viewing things by book standards, when the real world is considerably different.

Hufflepuff is often the underdog. I mean, all the other houses get what appear to be inspiring traits, whereas Hufflepuff are the leftovers for seemingly talentless students. This is really unfair, because working hard and honesty are important traits, as is loyalty. However, while they are not impressive predators the way the snakes, lions and eagles are, badgers have very sharp claws and will defend themselves and their families well.



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