October 2015

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Halloween is near!

Halloween is getting close so I am just going to ask you…have you got you costumes yet? If not here are a few ideas of what to wear:   Witches…

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Halloween Poem

    Happy was the day before last… A howling wind and a knock at the door, Lights out quick!Hide on the floor Long hooked noses with pointy hats, Oh…

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Hotel Transylvania

COUNT DRACULA This vampire owns a mysterious hotel in the outcasts of Transylvania where the world’s monsters can take a rest from humans. Dracula invites some of the most famous monsters to…

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My little pony quiz!

Q1) Who is the villain in Season 3? A) King Sombra Q2) What did Tirek do to gain lots of power? A) Steal ponies cutie marks. Q3) In which season…

What is your favorite TV show

  BBC Look North Victorious The Simpsons Modern Family Futurama Hollyoaks Eastenders Coronation Street Emmerdale 1hundred and eighty Sam&Cat Spongebob Adventure Time The Amazing World Of Gumball ICarly Good Luck…

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        My nickname is JK rowling or Jess   Whats yours? you could be nicknamed after a flower

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ELSA Queen Elsa is the core of all the tension and plotting in Frozen .Born with the magical power of ice, Elsa is unable to control her power and summer…

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World War II

  World war II was a blissful,raging war. Started by an arrogant Nazi leader,Adolf Hitler, and ended by our innocent British soldiers(oh and of course Winston Churchill).Adolf wanted to rule…