2016 Trends

As it is finally 2017 this week I am going to do an article about 2016 trends.


In 2016 dabbing was a big hit. Dabbing is where you bend one arm and put it up to your ear while your other arm is straight going past your ear up into the air. You also need to put your head down. The dab has its origins in the Atlanta. Here is a picture of people dabbing:




Mannequin Challenge:

The Mannequin Challenge is viral trend when people act like mannequins while getting filmed. The song people normally use is called “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. This song is usually playing in the background. The hashtag MannequinChallenge was used a lot on the social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. This trend started in Jacksonville, Florida on October 12, 2016. Here is the original mannequin challenge:

Live Videos:

On the social media platform, Facebook, live videos were created. A live video is when you stream live and other people can watch you and comment. Also on YouTube you can go live and see who is watching you.

Running Man:

In 2016 the running man was a big trend. Its is basically when you put one leg in front of the other and then move your arms up and down. When you do it make sure your arms are bent.

Bottle Flip:

In my opinion, the bottle flip is one of the biggest trends of 2016. The bottle flip is when you fill a empty bottle half way full of water, put the lid on and flip. You flip it by holding the lid and throwing your wrist up at the same time to make the bottle fly out of your hands. Here is a video of the bottle flip:

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3 Comments on "2016 Trends"

  1. This is a absolutely fantastic. Great article!

  2. Joe Greenwood | Feb 10, 2017 at 9:22 am | Reply

    Great writing Erin, I agree with all of those.

  3. I like this article because you have explained what it is and how you do all of these things! You could do some more like this. I like the videos because people might not know what it is so that was good! Well done.

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