January 2016

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As you probably already know plants need certain things to survive. They need sun,water,minerals/nutrients and something to grow in. Did you know that a flower is an type of plant….

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Henry VIII

  Henry was King of England from 21 April 1509 until his death.He was  born in Greenwich Palace 28th June 1491 and died in Palace of Whitehall next to his…

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A Travel back in Time

  Why don’t we meet a dinosaur?  Or go to a place we’ve never been before? Go to the cold, snowy Ice age Or go to London at the time…

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Trucking and the enviroment

In my last trucking article I put in a lot of pictures of Volvo’s so, in this article I will put different trucks in. So some of you might know that…

Australia Day

Australia day is celebrated on January the 26th of each year, this a  national public holiday ,commemorating the founding on 26 January 1788 of the colony of New South Wales. As…

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Life as we know it….

NOTICE : You can only read this story if you have read Blood… a story by Summer I hope you enjoy this story! Life for Lizzie Dirienzio was slowly turning…

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summer poem Ice-cream and indigo sky Sun hats and sandals Wiggly worms and windy breeze Lolly pops and leaves If you don’t like summer you must be crazy Bikes and…

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Different Genres

Genres. There are different types of genres that books and films are categorized in. There a lot of types of genres for example, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction,Horror, Comedy,Information Text, Fairy/Folk Tales…