February 2016


I have a cockatiel at home and he inspired me to write this. My mum first messed up with cockatiels when she said they would like height more so they can fly but they can only…

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  INTRODUCTION Kerala is a state on India’s tropical Malabar coast. It has nearly 600 km of the Arabian sea  shoreline and is popular for palm-lined beaches and its backwaters.The…

Mr Hollow

‘Aaargh!’ The ear-piercing scream echoed through the woods. The sinister, aged man glanced in the corner, a crooked smile fixed on his face. Two other man stood nearby, laughing and…

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Tim Peake

Tim Peake in space There will be a quiz at the end! Tim Peake(Timothy Peake) was a helicopter flying instructor during 1998. In 2005 he graduated from the Empire Test Pilots…

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3 Big Ball Sports.

Welcome to my article on different ball sports. In my opinion football/soccer is the biggest ball sport in the world, then rugby, cricket (boring). Football has millions of fans around…

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Quick Cape Town Facts

Today I will give you facts on the beautiful city known as Cape Town. You will be told about the city itself the mountainous areas, land marks and the weather….

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Year 4’s play review

Year 4 are doing a play on Elizabeth 1 life and every person in yr 4 have their own special part. Every person has their own line. There are different groups…