3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

1.DIY Hashtag Costume

First cut out a Hexagon in the shape of a price tag from a large cardboard box, then grab a black sharpie and write #Simple Costume or any hashtag you want. Then grab some sticky tape and celetape a peice of string to the back of the Hexegon and there you go. 





  1. A red scarf or Red leggings
  2. Sharpies (any colour)
  3. Plain white top
  4. Kitchen Utensils

First draw eight circles in the middle of the top, then drawa name tag to the left of the second down circle and write your name. Next draw a pocket at the bottem of the top with a wooden spoon inside or any utensil. Finally wear the top with a pair of black leggis with any shoes and wrap the red scarf or the red leggins around youre neck like a real cheif and Vuala!


3.When life gives you lemons…

First draw on an old unwanted t-shiirt LIFE in black sharpie, the buy a bunch of lemons and hand them out to people instead of giving then sweets give them a lemon.

4 Comments on "3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes"

  1. A real entertaining article, I like it (especially the “when life gives yo lemons” one)!

  2. What did you dress up as?

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