A Biography of Tim Peake

Tim Peake was born in Chichester in England on 7th April 1972. He is married and has two sons. The activities he loves are skiing, scuba-diving, cross country running, climbing and loves Scotland. He also ran the London Marathon and completed it.

The school that he went to was called Chichester High School in West Sussex in England 1990,which he completed his secondary education. At school, Tim was a member of the Combined Cadet Force for 6 years, finishing as a Cadet Warrant Officer. Before joining the Army Tim Peake was part of a six month Operation Raleigh Expedition to Alaska to work on environment projects. Upon becoming an Army Corps Officer in 1992 Tim served an attachment with the Royal Green Jackets as a Platoon Commander in Northern Ireland before beginning flight running. Tim qualified as a helicopter flying instructor in 1998 before being selected for an exchanged posting with the US Army (1999-2002).

Tim was selected as an ESA astronaut in may 2009. He joined ESA in September 2009 and completed Astronaut Basic Training in November 2010.With 5 other astronauts he joined a 2011 mission as a part of an International Team Living underground for a week and exploring a cave system in Sardinia, with the focus on human behaviour and performance in extreme environments.

Tim Peakes long flight to the ISS was launched 15 December 2015. He was the first British ESA astronaut to visit the ISS. His Principal Mission was an eventful and busy six months in space. In the first month after launch Tim conducted a spacewalk to repair the stations power supply together with NASA astronaut Tim Kopra. Other highlights of his mission saw him drive a rover across a Simulated Mars terrain from Space  and he helped two dock spacecraft.



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  1. This article was very interesting well done!

  2. I think that Tim Peake is amazing. I only knew that he was an astronaut, but i now know that he was born on 7th April 1972.

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