A brilliant bMoble conference …

BMobleNew_LogoOn the 10th March 2016, nine children travelled to a place in Bradford called ‘The Innovation Centre’. They talked about our dear Fab Mag, Our Lady of Victories’ radio station and St Joseph’s television studio called ‘Albus Cubis’.

They set off from St Joseph’s school and arrived at the Innovation Centre in minutes. Once they arrived, they were introduced to many of Mr Devlin’s fellow friends. They were taken upstairs to the balcony and the teachers all had a Starbucks coffee. The children enjoyed their dinner; Mr Devlin was looking panicky.

After dinner, the children tackled many people who were there with questions about themselves and about their thoughts about FAB MAG, OLV Radio and Albus Cubus. Many people were thrilled to hear about the children’s efforts and couldn’t wait to hear more about them later at the conference.

The children were exited to talk about their media ,but it wasn’t them who was to talk in front of a hundred people; Mr Devlin was going to do it.After the conference was over, both the children and staff merrily walked out of the  Innovation Centre and jumped into the minibuses and set off home.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you liked finding out about the conference we went to. If you want to see more pictures go onto the Fab Mag Twitter page.




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