A Christmas poem!

Christmas is a fine time of year

Filled with Santa’s pleasant, cute reindeer

There’s Blitzen, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer

Comet, Cupid, Donner, Prancer.

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Blitzen’s story is purely tragic

While Vixen has mastered the dark arts of magic

Dasher has made good friends with Prancer

Though Dancer no longer wants to dance!

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These days Comet is commenting on his looks

Whereas Donner’s eyes are imprisoned in books

Cupid is bringing individuals together

And Prancer the dancer is looking for treasure!

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Christmas is an eventful time of year

It fills our hearts with Christmas cheer!

I hope you have a divine Christmas!

Never knowing who might be near. . .


Thank you for reading my article/ poem. Comment down below which of Santa’s reindeer is your favourite! Mine is definitely Vixen. On the other hand, I have not added in all of Santa’s reindeer such as Olive, and Rudolf since I thought that my poem would end up being a little long! On the other hand, bye!!

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7 Comments on "A Christmas poem!"

  1. really good but in the poem there is one word that are both joined together the words are such and as

  2. my favrite render is rodolf and i loved your poem i loved the pictures

  3. I liked your poem i thought you described the poem nicely and added funny jokes about the reinders you made most of the jokes about Dancer.

  4. Mine is def Rudolph!

  5. J McGuinness | Dec 18, 2017 at 6:35 pm | Reply

    Love it! Wonderful poem by a great poet.

  6. I loved the poem it was amazing Tia (:

  7. This is a really good artical it really give me a nice chrsitmas feeling

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