A day in Amsterdam

I jumped out of bed at 4.am! I brushed my teeth (as usual) and got dressed to set off. Most of year 6 stood by the immense, green gate. We waited for the others, which was long, to come. After that we drove to the airport where the security scanned us and our bags. We eventually reached our flight and flew to our destination…Holland!

We caught the train in Holland to reach Amsterdam. It was boiling hot and sir told us our first pearls of wisdom – gables. What are gables? I thought. Well they are located on top of an Amsterdam house. There are: neck, bell, stair etc. We carried on our journey to our first stop (the secret church, that was marvelous!) and carried on to the bell tower and the Anne Frank house was a blast from the past,and to think there were 7 people hiding in the secret annex (8 including Anne) then I bought a photo for my love of art. We received an auto player,which tells us information on a phone-like device, and wondered back in history that touched our souls and reflected on us. Then the best time came, resting! We sat down and drank nice,cool cola.

Later we ate and went back where our hearts wanted…home.

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  1. I wish I could go there. It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

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