A homage to Mrs Thornton

In our last publication for this academic year Fab Mag bids farewell to a much loved member of our team, Mrs Eileen Thornton, a driving force behind Fab Mag and a teacher at St Joseph’s.  Mrs Thornton joined St Joseph’s 15 years ago and leaves this summer to take early retirement.  Originally from Chicago she attended Georgetown University.  She met her husband Martin in America and moved to the UK after they were married.  Their first date was to watch the film Yanks, which was filmed in Haworth and the surrounding areas.  Little did she know then that she would end up living and teaching in that same area many years later.  Eileen loves reading and has been an inspiration to the young writers who write for Fab Mag.  Eileen has made patchwork quilts for over 35 years.  St Joseph’s school is filled with beautiful quilts she has made with the children over the years.  The quilt panels her class made for the Year of Mercy remain on display in St Joseph’s church and have been admired by many.  Here are a few memories and messages from the staff and from the children who work on Fab Mag.

The staff

Mrs Thornton is a brilliant teacher, but above all she is a wonderful lady! For 15 years, she has inspired and helped the children of St Joseph’s school. They are better children for having had Mrs Thornton as their teacher. She plans exciting and creative lessons. Each day, she thinks to herself, “How can I give the children at school a real adventure?” Not only does she want the children in her care to become better and the subject she teaches; she also does her best to make sure that they enjoy their time at primary school. Her legacy is that she has enabled the children she has taught to know themselves better, know God better and to become happy, productive members of our school community. Thank you Mrs Thornton.  John Devlin


Dear Eileen, as a new chapter in our lives begin look back on your many successes and look forward to exciting times!

I wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement!!

With love from



When I arrived at St Joseph’s 4 years ago it was your class that I covered PPA for.  Who can forget that class!  I remember thinking what a lovely, friendly woman and first impression has not changed.  Have a fantastic retirement enjoying all your favourite past-times.

You will be missed.




Eileen, I have many happy memories to cherish from working with you. Not least our time spent at Nell Bank with the walk in the sun but our time in the pouring rain in Grassington and at Halton Ghyll.
Sandra xx


Overflowing with creative ideas to make lessons fun and memorable for the children in school. Full of general knowledge and interesting facts. She is always ready to listen and help. You’ll be greatly missed, Eileen. Patrizia


When I came to work here in October 2012 you were the first person I met.  I really enjoyed your English lessons in Year 4.  They were so interesting and full of knowledge.  I had a lovely year working with you in your class.  Ann A


Dear Mrs Thornton

It has been a pleasure to have known you and work alongside you.  I will miss you dearly and I wish you a happy retirement, which is well deserved.

Lots of love

Anne Davies


When thinking of Mrs Thornton I think of her after school quilting club for the staff.  We’ve had many a laugh.  Her music motivates me whilst cleaning her class and both us of us not being able to wait for the next episodes of the Good Wife and Homeland.  Pauline Head


Can’t believe you are leaving us Eileen!  Hope you have a wonderful retirement. Sue x


Dear Mrs Thornton

I have worked with you 4 of the 10 years I have been here and I have loved every one of them.  Your vast expanse of knowledge never ceases to amaze me and you are truly passionate about educating the children.  I will be truly sorry to see you go but hope that your retirement is a long and fulfilling one.

Thank you for being you.  I will miss you.



There are many things I could say but I’m not very good with words so have borrowed some off someone else –


‘People will forget what you said,

People will forget what you did,

But people will never forget how you made them feel.’

Mary Angelou


You will be missed Eileen and there will be a hole in all our hearts, I will miss your wonderful accent and your love of life,


And the final word from a fellow American –


‘You’re off to great places,

Today is your day,

Your mountain is waiting,

So get on your way!’  Dr Seuss

Rebecca   xxx


Thank you Eileen for your help and encouragement over the last nine years. You were a huge support to me during my teacher training and I will miss your humour and creativity immensely. Enjoy your well-earned retirement, safe in the knowledge that all of the children that have passed through your classroom, are better people because of it. Love Ruth

Dear Eileen,

I would like to wish you a happy and restful retirement.  May your days be filled with watching and playing tennis – I’m very jealous.  At least you can now perhaps go and see the Australian Open.

It’s been lovely to work with you.

Kindest wishes

Liz F




You have always been a friendly, cheery, helpful colleague with a kind heart and open arms.  You will leave a big hole in our school.  We will really miss you!

Love Maureen, Amanda and Tracey


Eileen.Although I have never worked alongside you,(which is a shame.) I will miss your cheery personality and your quirky dress sense. Enjoy your retirement with love and best wishes Yvonne x


Eileen, I remember 16 or was it 17 years ago when this lovely American lady came to work in Year 5, I looked forward to the days I came to your class to support a special needs child.

I remember quite a few afternoons spent ironing the children’s work to go on your marvellous quilts. Happy days Eileen.

Hope you have a wonderful retirement

All my love.

Lynne x



I loved working with Mrs Thornton.  Her DT lessons were the highlights especially when the children made quilt blocks.  Love Pauline W

Really sorry you have decided to leave St J’s – you’ve put your heart and soul into the job and will leave big boots to fill! Have a well-deserved rest and enjoy your retirement. Lots of love – Anita

We think Eileen is a lovely happy lady with lots of creative ideas, a fantastic baker who makes amazing cookies, which we have enjoyed on numerous occasions and of course the most fantastic quilt maker. We will miss her great sense of humour and her dedication and commitment to our children. We will miss a valued colleague and wish her a long and happy retirement.

Love Lynne and Darrell x

7 years I have known Eileen. It feels like I have known her all my life. A warmer more genuine person you will not find. As a fresh faced NQT, Eileen mentored me the only way she can, with kindness, love and flirting. It was an over-stocked, under organised cupboard that changed our relationship forever. A hot summer’s day during the 6-week holiday, we planned to spend an hour tidying said cupboard in preparation for the next year. Nearly 7 hours later we were both, tired, dusty but no longer colleagues, we were friends.

Fast forward 6 years and Eileen is so embedded in my life that she now has the interchangeable role of colleague, friend, work wife, work mum and work grand…hobbit. She has changed me as a teacher and a person for the better and I hope I have done the same for her. Eileen is an irreplaceable element of my life who I love greatly. There is the risk that this may sound like ‘In Memoriam’ so just to be clear Eileen has many years ahead of her just being my friend and volunteer reader.  Ben




Mrs Thornton,

I just want to start with a huge thank you for everything you have done for me over the years at St Joseph’s! You were a brilliant team leader in my first years here, you supported me through everything I needed help with, and this continued even when you were no longer my team leader. Thank you also for teaching me how to quilt, it has provided me with a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, even if it does take a good year for me to finish a quilt, it gives me an excuse to buy fabric.

You’re positive, infectious enthusiasm will be deeply missed on a daily basis, however I know we will still keep in touch and meet up regularly for coffee and quilting.

Love Miss Wild

Rarely are we fortunate enough in this life to meet someone with whom we feel an immediate connection, an inexplicable bond.  The moment I entered Mrs Thornton’s Year 5 class in 2003, as a volunteer, I was captivated by her creativity, her wealth of knowledge and her generosity of spirit.  Some people have an inner glow and just being around them creates a sense of comfort, of well-being and love.  Mrs Thornton is such a person.  From the bottom of my heart I thank her for her guidance, her support and last, but by no means least, her friendship.  We have some wonderful memories of working together.  I only need to mention our food hygiene course with Mrs Bouquet or Hermes, god of bags and scarves to bring a smile to both our faces.  I am very grateful to her for reintroducing me to the joy of quilting and sewing.  A hobby I had given up on many years before we met.  Thanks to her I have made many quilts for family and friends.  I wish her a long and happy retirement.  My world is so much better because she is in it.  Jenny xxx

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mrs Thornton on FabMag for the past two years. I wish her all the best for the future and a happy retirement. Richard Simpson OLV



The Fab Maggers

Mrs Thornton, you are a really nice teacher.  You have helped me a lot through Fab Mag like checking my work is up to perfection!  I will miss you from Ellie Year 6


Mrs Thornton I am very sad that you are retiring and I am sure lots of others are too because you have been with our school for quite a long time but this is your life.  We don’t control it!  Bye Ady Year 6


Mrs Thornton is a great teacher.  She’s funny, smiley and makes you smile.  We hope she has a happy life and has even more fun than she did at St Joseph’s.  We hope she has a fab time. Joe G Year 6

Mrs Thornton you are a really nice teacher and I will miss you a lot.  You are a fun, kind and caring person.  Everybody will miss you and pray for you in retirement.  I will miss you dearly.  Erin Year 6

Mrs Thornton

What can I say?  You gave me an opportunity that would open up so many wonderful things.  And for that I thank you.  Matilda Year 6

To Mrs Thornton

It’s been an absolute joy having you around school!  St Joseph’s will never be the same without you and may God guide you through hard times.  Afsana Year 5


Dear Mrs Thornton

I am so sad you are leaving.  But good luck to you on your new adventure around the big world!

Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience at this school.

Love and best wishes

Martha Year 5

PS miss you xxx


I will really miss Mrs Thornton.  She is a great teacher and is really kind to people who need help.  She has helped me lots of times when I have needed help.  If you ask her for help she will definitely help you.  Hope she has a great retirement.  Love from Oliver W


Mrs Thornton, we will miss you dearly.  You were a great teacher!  Mrs Thornton, you were kind, warm-hearted, caring and loving.  We will all miss you here in Fab Mag, nothing will be the same without you!  It has been a pleasure to be in Fab Mag!  We all wish you a safe journey and hope that you have a great future ahead of you.

Olivia Year 5


Mrs Thornton

It is extremely upsetting that you are retiring the school as you have been one of my favourite teachers.  We have had some amazing memories together that will hopefully never be forgotten.  Thank you for everything you have done for me and for helping me in every way.  May God guide you through your incredible journey.




You are humorous,

and love to boogie

O you are wonderful

How proud are your family!

Kamran Year 5


Mrs Thornton

You are always caring.  You always make us laugh.  You give us help when we need it.

Did you know everyone was shocked, tearful and in disbelief when they found out you were leaving?  You will be missed a lot when you’re gone!  Maisie Year 6


I will remember Mrs Thornton by her laugh.  Whenever somebody is misbehaving or doing something wrong she didn’t get angry she just laughed at it and forgave them.  I will miss her. Tia Year 5


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4 Comments on "A homage to Mrs Thornton"

  1. Eileen Thornton | Jun 30, 2017 at 3:47 pm | Reply

    I am speechless! Who can believe that?
    Thanks to you all, it has been a great pleasure working with all of you at St Joseph’s and OLV. Next year, I will await every issue of FabMag with great anticipation. Keep up the good work!

  2. Martha Davies | Jun 30, 2017 at 6:38 pm | Reply

    Mrs Thornton i will miss yo dearliy
    I will never forget all the fun and adventours i have experinced with you
    kind regards
    again from
    Martha Xxx 😀

  3. Some lovely things have been said about Mrs Thornton. I hope she feels a special as we know she is!


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