A poem about the rat tail swamp

the Rat tail swamp is a swamp with a lake

that looks like the body of  a terrified snake it flows through the village every day                                          

24 7 come what may

the swamp is green and brown

with dark green lily pads scattered  around

The name comes from a local legend

when someone was running a daily errand

He had a goal to find the fairy tail swamp

when he got distracted and came to a halt

he thought he saw a goat run into a ditch blocked by a dam

but when he looked  it was a tiny lamb

he picked It up and took it home

and sat it down under a willow

the next day he saw it chasing a rat

and caught the rat with the farmers hat

he set It free by the swamp

and thought they looked the same

and obviously gave the lake a very special name

and to this day the rat will lay

in the bottom of the rat tail lake




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