A story about being me…

Helooo again! This week I am writing a short story about my life.


Image result for rainbow pusheen movingBy the way…this is what my weekends are like.

“Tia! Wakey wakey!”, mum screamed from the bottom of the stairs. ” Wake up!” I stay in bed until 8:30 since i’m TOOO tired however end up getting out of bed since I can not cope the screaming. I normally have time to have breakfast but that morning I didn’t. I only had a drink of lemonade. As I trotted down the creaky, unstable stairs I sat on the couch and played on my laptop until … “Tia! Come on?!”

It was my mum.  Sighing, I ignore her since I knew we would have to go to morrisons the worst place in the world. We walked over to my Nan’s house and got in her car. We had to go to Morrison’s first! I absolutely hate Morrison’s, here are two reasons why!”

1. Since my Nana pushes the trolley and my mum gets the items, all I have to do is stand there.

2. Morrison’s is a very crowded place and it is VERY loud and annoying.

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“Mum do we have to go?”.  Mum replied “Yes Tia! Otherwise we would have to trail all the way down to Asda.” Sprinting ahead, I waved at my friend Georgia across the road, “Hi!” I bellowed waving. She smiled and waved but didn’t answer. Still walking, we hopped into Farmfoods ( my mums work ) and bought a couple of cereal boxes for homework. We didn’t really do anything else in town except from that.

A few minutes later, we had finished shopping and drove home. On my way back, we picked up a newspaper from the shop (Rav’s) and I played out the rest of the entire day (except from when I had to come in for my tea… DUH!!) . Outside my friends and I played all sorts of games such as. . . P.o.l.o, of  ground tig, the floor is lava, Andy’s coming, Abc object challenge and more. I didn’t do very much however it was a long LONG day for me and I certainly enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading my article, have a wonderful day. Byeeeeee!!!





6 Comments on "A story about being me…"

  1. Hello Tia great article keep it up will ya🤔😁

  2. J McGuinness | Jun 8, 2017 at 8:00 pm | Reply

    The comment about Morrisons made me smile

  3. thx :DDDD

  4. Afsana Suhana | Jun 30, 2017 at 1:51 pm | Reply

    why the crying face jimmy

  5. I hate Morrisons! Whenever I go all I hear is babies crying and kids screaming

  6. Thx for putting me in it Tia! 🙂

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