Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of February, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He was the 16th president of the US.

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Who was Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was a politician, lawyer and obviously the 16th president. He led the United States through the bloody and gory  American Civil War, and signed “The Emancipation Proclamation” which ended slavery in the US.

    What did Abraham Lincoln change in the United States?

He changed slavery. Before he was elected as president, slavery was going on. Then Abraham created “The Emancipation Proclamation”. After that, slavery stopped. He also successfully directed the Civil War to preserve America.

     What did Abraham Lincoln do before he was president?

He was a lawyer and a state representative. He once ran for Senator in 1858,but lost to Stephen Douglas.  He also owned a general store.

     Why did Abraham Lincoln have such a tall top hat?

The thing is, Abraham didn’t have a top hat. He had a stovepipe hat, which is taller and wider than a normal top hat. He had the hats made by a Washington D.C. hat maker by the name of J .Y .Davis. He also kept important documents in there as he also worked as a lawyer. Wouldn’t that be cool? You can just about put anything in that hat!

                         How did Abraham Lincoln die?

 Whilst attending a play, an actor called John Wilkes Booth assassinated him. But the creepy thing is, Lincoln had a dream that he was going to get assassinated. Dreams DO come true, in a scary way. Lincoln survived for 9 hours that day.

John Wilkes was hunted down, but he probably was killed after he was hunted down.


Abraham Lincoln was a great president and may he rest in peace.

His memorial is located in Washington D.C. Here it is below:

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This was very hard to do as Abraham Lincoln was very important. Hope you enjoyed this article. Bye!

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