Acrostic Poems about David Walliams books

Demon Dentist 

Demon dentists are mean and horrible,

Every single time you come to them they are angry all the time,

My dentist is the angriest that can be,

Over the chair she peeks to see my wonderful teeth,

Nobody likes her and she is wicked as a witch,


Don’t come to her or she will drill all of your teeth out,

Enemy of my life, is my dentist,  

Nobody would like a dentist like her,

Tomorrow I am visiting her and I am not looking forward to that,

It is likely to see demons in her eyes, 

She has an evil smile that everybody can see,

To my words listen now, because I am telling the truth.


The boy in the dress

This is a poem about a boy in a dress,
He likes to wear a dress,

Every body laughs at him but he ignores them all,

Boys don’t wear dresses but he has  a different opinion,
Off he goes to town with a dress,
You might not believe it but this is all true,

I’m sure you will agree with me when you get to see him,
Nobody knows how many dresses he has, but that is a secret of his own,

Today he is wearing a red one, but what will he wear tomorrow,
How the other kids laugh at him, 
Everybody else seems it is so hilarious, but not for him it isn’t,

Dresses are not only for girls he says,
Right now he wants a dress,
Everybody can wear one it’s no problem for him,
So everybody listens to him,
Soon you will agree with him.


Awful Auntie

Any auntie can be good but my auntie is a total nutter,

When i come near her she absolutely stinks

Funny she is not but annoying all the time

Under the table she burbs which stink like onion pie

Lonely she is and doesn’t have any friends 


And when she’s without me she starts to cry in her bed

Under the covers, she mumbles and sulks

Nobody likes her because she is as dumb as a log

Television is her favorite and that makes her as fat as a pig

Is there anybody as stupid as her because I don’t think

Eery single moment she moans and groans

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  3. Eesha Hussain | Nov 17, 2018 at 8:08 pm | Reply

    I loved this so much it was hilarious

  4. Eesha Hussain | Nov 17, 2018 at 9:10 pm | Reply

    please say this is not true

  5. Bradley Foulds | Nov 18, 2018 at 12:21 pm | Reply

    This is brilliant, I am going to read all of these books.

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    I think your article is awesome I loved it!!!!!

  7. These are very good poems that capture the essence of these books! Well done Alicja

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    this is really good, i love reading his amazing books

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    I love keep it up

  10. well done Alicja i love all of these books myself

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    These poems are great. Keep it up!

  12. Well done Alicja. These poems are awesome, keep up the good work xx

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    I love the acrostic poems about David Walliams

  14. good poem Alicja

  15. I love this its a amazing article!

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    It was so funny hahahaha! I loved it LOL

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