All about Cockapoos and how it feels to have one in school

A cockapoo is a dog, and its breed is mixed, it is a Cocker Spaniel mixed with a Poodle. Its fur is very fluffy, and it has got lots of it, so it makes it even softer and fluffier. Its height can be even up to 25 to 38 cm, and it can weigh up to 4.5 to 11 kg. The dog can be intelligent, friendly, outgoing and also very active, but most important of all very loving so it is a great pet to keep and it gives a great company when watching TV, in bed and anywhere. The dog loves to have long walks. Cockapoos are great for people even with allergies, as they produce a low amount of dander and hair. They are developed to be companion dogs they are always so remarkably happy. They get along with other dogs, pets and also children, but they are better with older children. They are appreciable as family dogs. These dogs don’t have many health issues, and they don’t happen often and may not even happen at all.

I am very delighted that we have a dog at school. Her name is Pippin. She has very fluffy fur and a black wet nose. Everybody loves to stroke and hug her. Pippin is Miss Wild’s dog and she takes her home every night, but Pippin comes into school every morning and we all love her. She is very wriggly and always has a lot of energy. She likes to bite and nibble on your fingers, but she is just playing. She is such a lovely dog and so fluffy so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a cockapoo.


I hope you have learnt a lot about cockapoos and I hope you get a puppy.





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