All About My Birthday…

It was my birthday, I woke up with presents scattered all over the room!!! Then my Mum came in and gave me my clothes, I was very poorly. As I dragged myself to the bathroom I looked in the mirror what came to me was a fright! Quickly, I got dressed and brushed my teeth. My Mum did my hair she did 2 French plaits. I opened my presents I got Pie Face, Face paint from my sister, Diary Of A Wimpy kid books, a jewlery set, friendship bracelet set, a stationary set, a new back pack and some money. My mum took me to town to spend some of my money I got a 2018  dairy and some pens. I  came home and went into the backroom my Dad came in and surprised me with a cake! Then everyone sang happy birthday to me and I blew the candles. The cake was a book with my name on and my date of birth, it was a chocolate cake. We all had some cake and my auntie came with my cousins, we all watched a movie. Then I happily went to bed with all of my memories.



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