Why do we have Halloween and what is All Saint’s Day?

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an event that some people celebrate. On this day people decorate their houses with spiders, bats, zombies most important of all pumpkins. People dress themselves up as pumpkins, witches and zombies. People also go to different houses and get sweets and different sweet treats. This is called trick or treating. People go to different doors and knock if somebody opens they say trick or treat, people give them sweets and sometimes tell them a trick.

But how do we have Halloween?

Halloween comes from another event which is called all saints day. Halloween is on the 31st of October and All Saints Day is on the 1st of November. All Saints Day is when people pray and go to the church to reflect on the people that have died. This is how Halloween was made. People started to think that all saints day was starting to get scary. So they made Halloween. There is another name for All Saint’s Day it is called ‘All Hallows Day’ and that is how they made Halloween because people started gathering together on All Hollows Day and asking for a blessing from God and protection from the evil. Then they made Halloween to scare people even more. Halloween and all saints day are different. They have different meanings. All Saint’s Day is a more religious time and Halloween is made to scare people.

Below it tells you about All Saint’s Day.

What is All Saint’s Day?

Not everybody acknowledge all saints day, some people celebrate Halloween instead of this very special occasion. All saints day is when people go to the cemetery to go see the people that have died, it is also a time for them to clean up their families space so that the people in the graves have comfort. When people go their they also  pray in front of the grave, they pray in respect and think about people that have died and. This event is on the 1st of October. This day was made for people to always remember about their close ones that have died and are in heaven. On this day sometimes children can dress up in angels, stars and saints. It is a very special day because when you are saying prayers then you have to really mean it. When people think about those you have died they also think about God and Jesus. People also go to church to say prayers for the people that have died and are now in heaven.

Why do people celebrate this?

People celebrate this because they need to remember about all the people in the family that have died. They also celebrate this since they don’t always have much time to reflect and pray for their members of the family that have died. All the world is a family so we might wan to sometimes pray for somebody in your friends family and reflect for them. 

Christian Saints

We also celebrate for the christian saints, especially for the christian saints that don’t have feast days of their own, but we also celebrate for those who do have feast days. People always pray for the saints also people go to churches for them, some people go twice that day and in the morning the next day. Eastern churches also celebrate this event on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

Where does all saints day come from?

All saints day is also know as all souls day, that stands for all the dead souls that are in their graves. You can also call this day feast of all saints and it is celebrated every year. It comes from the roman catholic church.

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