All you need to know about cows

We are going to tell you about cows. How to milk them and how many Zahids it takes to weigh the same as cow waste.

The amount of milk a cow can produce is about 30 litre that’s about 15 milk cartons being produced a 900 pound animal that is about 64 stones. Now we shall tell you about cow waste the is an impressive 80 kg that’s around about 3 zahids that is able to fill a small cupboard same size as a wheel barrow.

This time we shall tell you what happens to the milk not all of it goes to the milk company like Cravendale,25% of the milk goes to the butter and margarine company, Another 25% goes to the dairy chocolate factory and 50% goes to the milk companies like Cravendale and Farmfoods.

How to milk a cow is easy first have a seat beside the cow make sure you have a bucket under the udder. While holding the tits tug on them, until it has all ran out remember to wear gloves or another way first touch the cow’s leg to tell the cow it’s only you behind him or her then put the machine put the tits in the machine and wait. Here’s a video.

by Rizwan

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5 Comments on "All you need to know about cows"

  1. This was very interesting it told me so many facts I didn’t know!!

  2. Mr Waddington you know a lot about cows and thank you for sharing facts about cows.

  3. This told me lots of new things about cows and where the milk goes into dairy products. I enjoyed the video and reading the article.

  4. I didn’t know that cows can produce 30 litters at a time and I’ve learned a lot of interesting facts about cows.

  5. Thanks for teaching me so many things about cows. I learnt how long it takes to milk one single cow ( 20 minutes ) that one single cow can way up to 900 lb 64 stone. This was really interesting and I learnt that one single cow can have up to 3 babies which is pretty impressive.

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