In a small house, on top of a huge hill, lay a girl in her comfortable bed sleeping through the night. Her name was Katie, she was dreaming about herself in a strange place with a strange man with a face as white as snow. All around her was dark and misty and she didn’t know where to look.

The man said, “My child, you are all alone with no one. If you want your beloved to return you have to find them before it’s too late.”

Katie was confused by this so she set off into the mist in the hope of finding her friend. After a few endless hours of walking, she finally found the man again.

“Leah is inside this castle, you have one hour,” he said.

At the shock of this Katie ran into the building not knowing the obstacles she was going to face. As she reached the doors of the castle, she then realised it was surrounded by gargoyles, not just statues but real living gargoyles, which frightened her to death. There Leah was, at the back of the dark, depressing room scared, then all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning. When Leah and Katie were reunited their amazing powers returned and then they were no longer afraid CRASH, BOOM, THUMP after that the only thing left was a pile of stone.

They gave each other the biggest hug ever and Leah said, “I am so glad we are back together Katie, I have missed you so much.”

Katie replied, “I have missed you too Leah, now let’s get out of here!”

They set of out into the unknown hoping they would find Katie’s house again. They did eventually and they went back up the hill into Katie’s room and fell asleep.

All of a sudden she awoke with a phone call, she answered it and it was Leah, she answered.

“Hi Katie, did you sleep well?”

Katie was shocked by this so she said, “Yes I did thank you.”

Suddenly, she heard her mum shouting her to go downstairs, so she did. In the kitchen, her mum was making breakfast so she sat down at the table thinking about the night before. She thought to herself, maybe it was a dream after all. After that, she found a picture on her phone of her saving Leah as she did in her dream but she deleted it straight away so she couldn’t think about it so she ate her breakfast and carried on her day as she was supposed to…


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