An interview with Andy Craven-Griffiths

Helloo! This article is going to be all about Andy Craven-Griffiths; a poet/writer from Leeds. Around a month ago he came to our school to teach us about his writing and performance poetry however when he was finished a couple of people stayed behind and asked him some questions. Here are a few we asked him while he was at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

Do you believe in magic?

It depends what you mean by magic. I believe in science although I do not believe in making things levitate. I believe that writing is magic not Harry Potter magic. In quantum physics there are people who teleport and disappear although as I have already said I don’t believe in that type of magic.

Image result for Magic Do you have a cat? 

Yes I do, I have a pet cat named Aber. Before him I had a pet cat called Ginger however he sadly passed away. On the other had I have never had any dogs.

Who is your favourite poet?

I’ve got lots of favourite poets such as Simon Artige, there is a guy named Polar Bear and a girl called Hollie Mcnish who has a YouTube channel. Just like me she also does performance poetry.

What are your favourite colours?

I would have to say either yellow or orange since I prefer things to be brighter.

What is the most creepiest thing you have ever experienced?

This is a hard one since many creepy and unusual things have happened to me in my life however I do have a very scary story to tell. So I woke up when I was four years old and their was a HUMONGOUS pile of broken chairs piled up in front of my bedroom door! A little while later my mum walked in and the moment she did the chairs had disappeared. . .


Who inspired you to do performance poetry?

My brother, he had been dong poetry before me and he read out his work to me and said that I should try. So I wrote out a poem and my brother loved it so from the on I found that writing poems made me feel better and that I how I become the person I am today.

Image result for writing poemsWhat is your job?

As you know, part of my job is to visit schools and teach children about my work however I also professionally write ( not just poems ) and do performance poetry around the globe.

When was your first time performing?

I was around nine-teen however school teacher used to always ask me to be in the school plays and at first I was EXTREMELY scared! but my brother said to me that it was okay to get things wrong. At first I was so scared my paper was nearly flying out my hand! although now I feel confident enough that I don’t use any paper and I no longer shake.

What are the three best things you have done in your life? I would have to say it was my niece being born since it was very exciting. And I was the third person to hold her!

  1. I would have to say that my first favourite thing is seeing my baby niece being born. That was very special thing to me.
  2. This one would have to be about how I won an award at table tennis. I was unbelievable and I felt very proud of myself.
  3. I’d have to sat that the last best this I d was going on a tour in America and I played a gig there for a week.

Thank you everyone for reading this article and comment down below if you like poetry. Another special thanks to Andy Craven-Griffiths for coming into our school and teaching us about his work. Byeee!

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  1. I love poetry! Very interesting interview.

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