Answers to HARD RIDDLES!!!!

4 – I spelt it wrong to trick you!

Whatever your name is! ”You” are driving down the road!

Twenty foreheads! Again, spelt wrong to trick you.

The maid. She can’t have been getting the post – there’s no post delivered on Sundays.

Man. He walks on hands and knees as a child, two legs as a man, and two legs plus a walking stick as an elderly man.


Your age.

An egg. The gold is the egg yolk.

It happens in chess.

19. If you say it quickly, it sounds like 26 sheep, but really, it’s twenty sick  sheep. 20 – 1 = 19 sheep.

The only pitch black part of the train journey is the tunnel that the train passes through just before where she gets off. She knows that this must be where she is if it’s dark outside.

The envelope was poisoned. When he licked it to seal it, the poison killed him.

”Every single person dies.” When the riddle says single, it means unmarried, or without a partner. The two people that survived were married.



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    Request do 1 on chocolate

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