Answers to riddles and jokes

Answers to the riddles and joke which I posted last edition here.



A 1:A clock! There is two minute and hour hands and the face of the clock !

A 2:Put it in front of the mirror!

A 3:An egg!You can’t ever use it without it  being broken.

A 4:A glove!It’s hand wear, all other hand wear is not alive!

A 5:A bottle!

A 6:A towel!Somebody washes their hands and wets the towel.When the person goes away, the towel is left to dry and then somebody else comes and wets the towel again.

A 7:Your name!Everyone around you says your name,although it is yours,you hardly say it.

A 8:Your age!You will always grow up and become a different number, but you will never shrink to a smaller age!

A 9:A needle!The eye is the place you put the thread through.

A 10:Breath!No one can hold their breath for more than five minutes!(And don’t try!)

A 11:Day and night!

A 12:Post office!It starts with a ‘p’ and ends with an’e’ and it has a thousand letters!

A 13:All the months!They all have more than 28 days and one has exactly 28.(Riddles are never that easy to be just February!)

A 14:Silence!When you talk,you break it.

A 15:The maid!There is no post on SUNDAY!













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  1. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  2. I thought the answer for 10 was water.

  3. Hey I’ve got a joke “knock knock”who’s there “ate nine” ate nine who (seven ate nine get it “no” okay)

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