Apocalypse- M.I.A (missing in action)

I hope you enjoyed my first book. Don’t read this one if you haven’t read Apocalypse- The Alpha.


I started my journey;my mission was to find a boy named Erik.
Apparently, he was blasted off into space when he was three and 
scientists reckon that he was on Martine.That made my mission a lot 
harder. How could a human live in this Avylon? Well to say Martine 
isn't as dashing as L.A and New York,but it is more dashing than home-
town Keighley.

Suddenly, I saw a hut. Now that was weird, a hut in the middle of
nowhere! As I got closer, I could hear a human voice...strange 
thing was it sounded just like my dad's! "Hello!"my voice trailed into 
the hut and I peered in. I was greeted with a 'who are you' stare from:
a boy about my age(I'm nearly fourteen), with ebony hair and emerald
green eyes just like mine.

"Who are you?" asked the boy with a questioning look.
"Hello,my name is Skylar Watson and you must be Erik."I replied. 
He nodded.He led me into his lair( which was very dark) and I looked 
around. On his walls were full of Earthly baby toys and picture frames.
Wow. He must miss his family very much and he might have taken the 
photo frames during take-off."Are ready to go back to Earth?"I asked 
him."I was obliged to come to Martine, but I'm ready to go home once 
and for all"Erik replied.

I smiled. It probably wasn't that hard to say bye to a place where you 
weren't born into."Shall we go back to my ship now?" I suggested. 
Before I had even finished, he was out of the door. I ran after him.It
was delightful to have a companion travel with you home.From the 
corner of my eye, something slithered and huge eyes popped out." Erik",
I called out, "I think I saw a Sepron" Seprons were huge snakes that 
lived on planets like this, they are highly dangerous.

I could do nothing, so I ran. Erik saw me and followed my lead. We ran 
and ran and ran as far way from the Sepron as we could.Finally we got 
rid of it and just in front of my aircraft too. I climbed into the 
pilot seat and Erik hesitated."Come on then!" I exclaimed. Erik smiled
a warm smile and jumped in. I grabbed my communicator and sent a 
message to Plane Earth.

We were going home...

I hope you enjoyed my story. Comment below for likes and dislikes.



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