Aquae Sulis

Bath is an old Roman town near a place called Somerset. The old Roman name for Bath is Aquae Sulis.

Aquae: stands for Aqua which means water.

Sulis: the godess that the Romans worshipped in the bath houses. They thought that Sulis brought the warm water up from the middle of the earth. Her full name was Sulis Minerva. She was the roman godess of war and wisdom; her symbol was an owl.

In Bath there are old roman baths under the town itself. There are Frigidarium (cold), Caldarium (very,very hot) and Tepidarium (warm) baths.

People still bathe in the water today but not in the roman baths. If you visit it, at the end of your exploration there will be a water fountain in which the water that coming from it is the water that comes from the middle of the earth and fills the baths.

The Hot Springs

The Hot Springs



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  1. It sounds a great place. Hopefully I will get to see it myself some day.

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