John is an astronomer, he has been one for 7 years and he thinks it’s the best job ever!!! One night he was curiously looking at the beautiful dark sky when he spotted something unbelievable …

John took a closer look, with his high-tech telescope ,  he was  trying to picture out a meteorite but it was definitely a new planet. It was purple with balls of gas on the top. John was filled with trepidation and anxiety. What if it was dangerous for the whole world and the humans and animals in it. He had to go tell professor Galileo what he’d found.

Quickly John ran to tell professor  what would he say ? what would he do ? John didn’t know what to say himself but he told him “Sir I was looking at the stars last night and I found something amazing that you need to see”

Professor  Galileo and John ran towards the high-tech telescope Galileo took a look and turned to John he grinned and said  ”John I’m so proud of you” we need to show the top scientists.”The top scientists said I’ts a new planet also John I’m promoting you to the boss of the world wide astronomy center” John was overjoyed he was so excited to discover new planets all around the world.

By James











6 Comments on "Astronomy"

  1. Well done James, this is fantastic!

  2. Finlay Coppen | Jun 11, 2018 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Well done James I love this article!

  3. James that was a good article what happens next. That is fantastic.

  4. Well done James! Great article! You never know, I might have lived on the planet before…

  5. I liked you article. I think you should explain what year it is.

  6. J McGuinness | Jun 27, 2018 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    Well done James. I’m looking forward to the next article.

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