Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman was fantastic and I must add worth the wait. For anyone that has seen a Batman film (Now played by Ben Affleck) which played a fantastic role but got really bad reviews)  knows the history of his life and how he became Batman which you don’t see this till nearer the middle of the film.Superman was  played by Henry Cavell that was also in Man of steel.


At the beginning of the film we can see that  Bruce Wayne ( Batman ) is in Metropolis and this is the  end of Man of Steel, helping people from the disastrous explosions that  have occurred in the city while Superman was fighting general Zod while this is happening Bruce saves one of his employees from his company. Mean while Lex Luther the owner of a Tec company called Lex Corp   finds kryptonite at the bottom of the sea in a foreign country know in that this has major affects on Superman and that it can suppress his powers  he then  hatches a plan to make a deal with the government to let him aboard general Zods ship that contains technology  that hasn’t been invented yet on earth which Lex will use against Superman to bring him down.
After knowing that Superman would be attending court for a trial Lex Luther, seizes his opportunity and plants a bomb which will also take out the main government leaders that have refused his deal to let him board the ship. But Superman survives the blast and knows that he cannot take down Lex Luther on his own, even though Superman and Batman do not get on the best especially after have a massive fight where Batman tried to finish off Superman at the end of the fight Lois Lane intervenes and only then Batman realises the they are not against each other but fighting for the same reason, Then they agree that the only way to stop  Lex Luther is too fight him together to protect the city from harm.
As they are ready to finish off Lex Luther,he reveals his secret project  AKA Dooms day, which takes the combined strength of not only Batman and Superman but also Wonder Woman ( SPOILER ALERT ) defeating Dooms day nearly seemed impossible but then they realised the only thing that could defect  him was thing that created him was  Kryptonite at the end Superman mustered all his strength and sacrificed him self and everyone else from the threat know as Dooms day.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I will make sure that I watch this film soon.

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