Being a Fabmagger!

Hi it’s Kamran! Hope you like being a fabmagger! Let’s go!

So,in Fabmag it’s like extra homework! Now if your wondering, what?! Extra Homework that sounds super  boring … well you’re wrong! First when I started, I wanted to quit  but when I got used to it I absolutely loved it! You can write fun stuff that all friends and family can see. I am writing this article to tell you all that I love Fab Mag and the teachers (Mrs Thornton and Mrs McGuiness) who help us all with our articles.  Some articles that we are based on are agriculture, awesome adventure stories (If you read my stories you might know that I love adventure stories),facts about animals, poems, book reviews, film reviews and history.

My friend’s at fabmag are(you might have seen their articles) Martha , Afsana , Olivia , Najibah , Tia P (Palmer),Thomas D(Devlin), Erin Preston, Matilda and Oliver)

The best part of being a fabmagger is reading all of your wonderful comments. Please keep on commenting! All of you read my articles, I would like to say THANK YOU! You are all lovely! If you don’t comment to me, you are still lovely people!

I care for the world, God (whoever your God is) created our world for  a reason.

Take care of the world. And try not to be tempted by the Devil. and here’s a link to some prayers you can choose (scroll down a tiny bit)



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