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Jessica was born on the 28th of January 1986, Sheffield. Her father, Vinnie Ennis, is from Jamaica and he sprinted at school, while her mother, Alison Powell, preferred high jump. Andy Hill is Jessica’s husband and her son is called Reggie Ennis – Hill he is 2 years old. Jessica has only one sibling, Carmel Ennis.


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She is an English gold medal winning athlete. Jessica is currently the holder of the British record for heptathlon, high jump and 100 metre hurdles. In 2005, she won a Bronze medal at the Commonwealth games. At the 2012 Olympics, Jessica won a Gold medal for the Heptathlon and at Rio 2016 Olympics she won a Silver medal. Jessica has been coached by the same person since she was 13, Toni Minichiello, she started going to an athletic club when she was at the age of 11. Jessica has retired from being an athlete because she is a full-time mum.

Jessica is a patron of the Children’s Hospital Charity and Weston park Hospital Cancer Charity and supports Breakthrough Breast Cancer!

This is my LAST Fabmag article I will ever be doing, I have really enjoyed doing Fabmag. I love writing articles for you to read and to become a Fabmagger was a great opportunity for me to become an amazing writer. I chose this topic for a reason because as a runner myself, Jessica Ennis has inspired me to be a better runner and to believe in myself. Most of all, thank you to Mrs Thornton, Mrs McGuinness and Mr Simpson for helping during Fabmag. I will really miss doing Fabmag articles!!

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