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Boss Baby was Hilarious. It was a mind-blowing film. It’s about a family who are having a baby but Tim (who is their son) gets jealous and angry because he doesn’t want a baby brother and thinks he is going to take over, and ruin his life.

This film is about a family who are going to have baby. Tim (who is their son) is asked if he wants it, he doesn’t want it. His mom and dad get upset. They were expecting him to be happy. Then he falls asleep and has a dream of how babies are brought to live. Then one morning the door bell rings, it’s the baby. He is dressed in very strange clothes: a suit. Tim thinks it’s very weird. Quickly, he tries to answer the door, but his parents get there before him. When the family have their dinner, Tim wants to tell his parents something but the baby gets in the way. The baby could talk. He could also do all of the grown up stuff.

The baby also has a big gang of other babies like him.Then one day his parents have to go to America, so Tim and his brother go with them but they do it secretly. The get caught by their babysitter. When they get back the baby has to go. Tim gets really emotional and really sad.

There is more to it, but you have to wait and see the film : Boss Baby.

I would rate this:

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  1. I think I’m going to have to watch this one Fatimah.

  2. Martha Davies | Jun 30, 2017 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    I have literally just watched the film and it helped so much what you have said and rated about it cant wait to read more of your article

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