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Facts about British blue short haired cats

My new kitten

As you probably dont know 2 weeks ago I got a baby kitten called Jasper. He is a British Blue breed of cat and is 14 or Image result for british blue shorthair cat15 weeks old. In honor of him I have decided to write an article about his breed of cat. I will be telling you some fun cat toy do it your self’s, what they like to eat and much more! So lets get into the actual article!

British blue Cat toy Diy! 

British blue cats love a good play especially when they are in their young stage of life. They just cant resist a new fun toy to play with. So iam going to tell you some cute diy’s you can make yourself .                                                                                                                                This is one of my favourites it is a mouse toy. To make all you will need 1. Felt or fabric 2. scissors 3. marker 4. A needle and thread 5. stuffing and lastly and optional cat nip and jingle bell. Firstly grab a piece of fabric or felt and fold it in half ( I used a square 4 x 4 inches). With your marker draw half of a teardrop on the folded fabric or felt. Cut along the line you have just drawn. Next draw the little eyes with a marker. Cut out 2 extra circles using your spare fabric or felt for the ears of the mouse. Stitch the ears in place. Once you have the ears now add the tail ( you can use yarn, fabric, shoe lace or even ribbon to make the tail you choose!)Stitch it in place just like the ears. Now fold the mouse in half. Sew the edge only leaving a small opening for the stuffing. Stuff the mouse till it is the shape and size you like.If you prefer you can use cat nip or a bell to go on the inside to. When you have finished the stuffing you just sew up the hole and wala you have a mouse toy for your cat!

Another but quicker Diy is a dangling cat toy you can use to play with your cats. ( kittens love playing with this the most! ) All you will need is a shoe lace and a ribbon or needle and thread if necessary . All you need to do is tie your ribbon in a bow then tie or thread the ribbon onto the shoe lace and there you have it your very own interactive cat toy

Food Glorious food!

Image result for british blue shorthairkitten foodBritish blue cats and kittens can always resist a small treat but beware do not feed your cat/kitten to much as this type of breed can put on a lot of weight if you are not carefully so beware! For the kittens I would suggest giving them Royal Canin dry food kitten version which is very good and gets their jaw moving. Also I wold recommend using dreamies  as they are a good treat for any occasion but only give them the maximum of 6 a day. When cats or kittens are still young do not give them any wet or canned food.  When your cat becomes a young adult you can still buy royal canin only for the adults.

7 Fun Facts about British blue kittens!

1. This popular cat breed has been around for centuries on end, originally known for their mousing abilities and when serving as farm cats in the UK.

2. The British short hair breed also can feature many diffderent eye colors.

Image result for british blue cat3. British Blue kittens are known for their playfulness and are loving with all families what ever the day or time.

4. British blue kittens will often have what is called a giddy half hour either early in the morning or late at night. After their giddiness they will usually have a long cat nap before they wake up again and want to cuddle.

5.The British short hair is not the type of cat that likes being carried around a lot and that will eagerly want to cuddle into your arms whenever they are around you. They are more of a chill cat who likes to relax but not on you!

6. These cats are also very much intelligent and  like interactive toys they also like to entertain their selves.

7.  Due to their lay back nature they do very well in multi cat homes along with cat friendly dogs and gentle children.

Some Myths about cats and a bonus fact

This type of cat are so sleek and a bonus fact about every single cat they all land on 4 paws. This is a lie what people think about cats. Some people think cats are scared of cucumbers but a that is fake as I tested it with my cat and he just sniffed it and almost ate some of it! In some countries black cats are considered unlucky in various different countries but in other countries it is considered lucky! It is quite confusing for some people! But all the things about black cats are fake they are just like any other ordinary cat!

Thank you for reading my article I hoped you enjoy!


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  1. J McGuinness | Mar 30, 2017 at 7:55 pm | Reply

    Really interesting article. Loved the pictures.

  2. They certainly are cute little kittens, good article Martha

    • Martha Davies | Apr 22, 2017 at 10:30 am | Reply

      Thank you Mr Devlin! By the way I agree these kittens are really cute and make a good child friendly family member!

  3. i don,t like cats but i like these ones. (:

    • Martha Davies | Apr 22, 2017 at 10:31 am | Reply

      Sometimes I thing that Alex but just remember each and every cat has their own personality. That’s what makes them all different! 😀

  4. This was a great article Martha! Good Job!! (:

  5. This was a great article Martha!! Good Job! (:

  6. I really like your article Martha. I love cats!

  7. Great article! Jaspar sounds adorable.

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