Cafod Talent Show!

On the 18th March (St Joseph’s day), St Joseph’s held a talent show to raise money for the charity Cafod. Cafod stands for: Catholic Fund For Overseas Development. There were lots of different acts singing, jokes, keyboard playing and electric guitar playing. All of the acts were amazing. The drama club sang and also the choir with the Eco worriers and the school council.

The songs people were singing were excellent as when I was there at the show also nearly everyone was dancing and singing along to the fantastic songs. Lots of children in our school have many hidden talents which, if you were there you would have seen.

I happily performed with the drama club as I really loved the song and I think the talent show is a chance for people to come out of their shell by getting up on the stage. The talent show was fabulous and was just great to watch, also the acts were all different so you didn’t know what the next person or people were going to do.

Our school made over two hundred pounds and counting!!!

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  1. Hope you enjoy my new article! If you have any questions or you did enjoy the talent show (if you were there)just comment 🙂

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