Nature and Animals

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Dinosaur- Allosaurus

One of the deadliest dinosaurs is the Allosaurus. This was a powerful dinosaur that lived many years ago, along with many other Jurassic dinosaurs. These facts are from books and research….

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Guide to dog owners

I think its best to start of with a puppy so that they get more time to get used to you and understand you. They are also too weak to…

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Facts about Dwarf rabbits

Facts about dwarf rabbits        There are many different breeds of rabbit such as Lop Bunnies, panon rabbits, Dutch rabbits and many others. I have a Dwarf rabbit so…

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All about cheetahs

We all know about the cheetah’s electrifying speed. Large nostrils and an enlarged heart and lungs help the world’s fastest land animal to reach speeds of 114kph (71mph). A long…

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5 Animals of the rainforest

I have written this for all you rainforest  lovers out there. I am writing about Sloths, bears, monkeys,snakes and bats. Sloth Sloths are related to anteaters. The English meaning  for…

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Different Snakes

Snakes are very dangerous animals, well some of them are. Snakes have their own way of attacking. Some of them squeeze you to death and others inject venom or poison…


I have a cockatiel at home and he inspired me to write this. My mum first messed up with cockatiels when she said they would like height more so they can fly but they can only…

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  INTRODUCTION Kerala is a state on India’s tropical Malabar coast. It has nearly 600 km of the Arabian sea  shoreline and is popular for palm-lined beaches and its backwaters.The…