Nature and Animals

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Different Snakes

Snakes are very dangerous animals, well some of them are. Snakes have their own way of attacking. Some of them squeeze you to death and others inject venom or poison…


I have a cockatiel at home and he inspired me to write this. My mum first messed up with cockatiels when she said they would like height more so they can fly but they can only…

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  INTRODUCTION Kerala is a state on India’s tropical Malabar coast. It has nearly 600 km of the Arabian sea  shoreline and is popular for palm-lined beaches and its backwaters.The…

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As you probably already know plants need certain things to survive. They need sun,water,minerals/nutrients and something to grow in. Did you know that a flower is an type of plant….

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 Sharks!!! People think sharks are horrible man-eating monsters, but they’re not. Sharks only hurt, kill or nearly attack as they think we’re food, if we either bleed or move quickly…

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Are you a horse fan? Then you have definitely come to the right place!There are a lot of facts here you might not of known before. Horses are herbivores, like…

Different Pets

Cats are popular pets (which means a lot of people own them), they are useful for catching mice. Millions of people around the world have pets, like me. There are…