Christmas story

This is a story about a girl called Ruby she loves Christmas  but that’s still far away. One day  Ruby goes to town, she spots  a lot of children in a huddle…she goes over to see why there is a huddle “oh my “there is a  massive  bouncy castle .As she arrives home she goes to her bedroom .The next morning she see’s a letter on the table it says “Dear Ruby i know you still miss me but i have to work to earn  money for us. I still love you a lot I’ll be back in a month and our life will be back to normal love from dad”.” Dad it actually is you”. She sighs merrily” what a amazing day”


One day she hears a strange noise…what could it be? She goes downstairs there is nothing there.She goes outside to see what it is .It is Santa clause he is giving presents to everyone.One a night before the Christmas night  she sets a plate full with cookies and some carrots she goes to bed.”Thump ,Bang ,crash it is Santa clause he eats the cookies.The next morning she sees the presents. She gets dressed on that night they all eat roast chicken .


“I did miss Christmas “as we go back to school they talk about the holidays .”This is the best day of my life”Ruby sighed happily “ah”.



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  1. Bradley Foulds | Dec 15, 2018 at 4:00 pm | Reply

    Well done.

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