Christmas traditions

. Christmas cards, normally with money inside

. Mince pies, they are famous at Christmas as they were first made in an oval shape to represent to manger that Jesus slept in.

. Christmas pudding, they were originated in the 14th century called ‘frumentry’ that was made of beef and mutton with currants, prunes, wines and spices… By Victorian times, Christmas Pudding are a bit similar to what they are

. Christmas tree, with decorations such as lights and baubles.

. Christmas crackers, normally with a toy inside.

. Christmas dinner, which is turkey, mash potatoes, vegetables, gravy, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding.

. Advent reef

. Stockings and presents, stockings are normally filled with sweets or chocolate.

. Elf on the shelf, is a toy elf who moves around your house through the night.

. Gingerbread men, is ginger carved out to look like a gingerbread man with icing on it to look like it has a face and clothes.

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