Cracking cricket scores

Well the World Cup has started and we’ve had some tense matches. Haseeb said,” I support Pakistan because that’s where my family are from.”

Lets have a look at Pool A and Pool B


Do you watch cricket? I do. Once I stayed up till 6am watching India vs Pakistan.

Unfortunately Pakistan lost and India kept there great form of winning.


Personally I think India will reach the final against New Zealand.

If you watch cricket, what team do you support?

By Haseeb and Daanish

5 Comments on "Cracking cricket scores"

  1. I also support Pakistan and so do the rest of my family

  2. Miss Matusiak | Mar 10, 2015 at 9:30 am | Reply

    Good job Boys! It was nice to see you working together. I like how you included your personal views to make this article stand out and even though you support Pakistan you kept it very professional when talking about India winning and reaching the finals. Keep it up sports team!

  3. I think Pakistan is versing Ireland tonight

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