Craig’s Dyson sculpture

Last year  Mrs Mc Guinness came up with a fantastic project for a couple of children to take part in: designing a sculpture with the brilliant Craig Dyson from Howarth, this was going to involve using materials that were from old mills in Yorkshire. The design was going to incorporate elements from the Worth Valley area in Keighley. We drew ideas of what Worth Valley meant to us, this also included the surrounding area i.e.; live stock and we want to make this design special and happy. We had a great day out in Craig’s work shop and I even got to use a welder it was fantastic! I also met some great children from other schools. Once we had all put our ideas down on paper we left them with Craig and he was going to add our designs to the sculpture. Months had passed and it was the day we got to see  what Craig had made.

Mrs Mc Guinness had arranged for all the children that took part to meet at St Joseph’s along with Craig. After waiting for the other children, Craig  gave an interesting talk and jogged our memories of the fun we had at his work shop, then he unveiled it. We were shocked to see a sheep holding on to a train mostly because it was amazing! The detail of the sheep was so real and the train works so well with the Worth Valley area I was really impressed and also I appreciate all the work Craig has done for our school.

Please visit our twitter page where you can see the sculpture and how cool it is .

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