David Walliams

David Walliams is the childrens no.1 best selling author.He has wrote many books such as Gangster Granny,Awful Auntie and many more books.He has won many awards, E.G Landmark award.

Books and films

David Walliams did no just write books he also  made films and he is in some as well. (His favourite was Gangster granny).How effective did you think he was ? He is better than Ronald Dahl

Actors and characters!!

As I told you that David walliams is in some films.He is also a British actor on Britains got talent. He is very right-thinking. you might not like him but i do.I am a big fan of him, he is very popular. Is he better than Ronald Dahl?       You can buy David Walliams books anywhere.  

Here he is.

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    very interesting

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    Thanks for encouraging me u guys.

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