Diary Entry About Amsterdam

Dear Diary,

Today was exhilarating!

It was so brilliant because me and my class went to AMSTERDAM, yes, Amsterdam to predominantly visit the Anne Frank museum.

The adventure started when we walked excitedly into the entrance of the museum.We handed our bags to the staff and waited until we were allowed to commence the tour around the house.Before we started,we were given an audio-tour, which retraced the steps Anne Frank would’ve taken.

The main room on the first floor was a warehouse but it had been turned into an empty room with images on Anne and her family on it.

After that, we walked past a few offices belonging to Anne’s father [Otto Frank] as the building they hid in was Otto’s company building.The offices were soulless, and also had no furniture. In this room, the audio-tour told us what Nazis did to the Jews, it was sorrowful.

When we got to the secret bookcase, it felt surreal.  It was amazing, we were actually touching the annex door.

The steps, that lead to the spacious kitchen, were pretty much vertical, and every time I walked up one I’d bang my shin.  Ouch!

When we reached the second floor of the annex I was unexpectedly surprised because I thought there would be furniture in the annex but still there wasn’t.  Every room I went in was empty.  Crazy, right?

The third floor was blocked off by glass because you’d have to climb up ladders to get up there so it was dangerous.

Going into the extension part of the museum it was so exciting.  Anne Frank’s diary was in front of me.  I was standing next to a piece of history, but it was hard to get a glimpse of it due to how many people were there.

The last room was the office Anne Frank gift shop.  It was so cool because the diary was written in many different languages; nevertheless, we weren’t allowed to go in.  The real diary is actually seventy seven years old.

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