Diary entry by Matilda


Dear Diary,

Today my parents and brother have left and I am home alone, my mum has gone to her casino, my dad has gone to his work to sell his faulty goods and my brother has gone to school. I don’t go to school but I really really want to learn to read and to do lots of other things too. My mum said she left some beans in the microwave for breakfast but I made pancakes instead.

Later that day, I started reading some books, but then I discovered a book with routes to the library on it. Then I realised I could go to the library to get some books to read.


Every day my mum, dad and my brother leave the house I make some pancakes then I make my way down to the library to get some books to borrow then I go to a tree near the park, sit under it, and read while everybody else plays in the park.

Later on that evening, my dad barged into the room an froze for a second, he said ”what are all these books doing here and where did you get them from?” I said that I go down to the library to get books every day¬† because I think watching television is bad for your eyes sometimes, my dad screamed at me ” Watching television is great because you learn things.”


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