Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown!

Everybody in my neighbourhood is outside today enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Well everybody except ME. It’s kind of hard to enjoy a heatwave when it’s the middle of the winter. Some people call this wacky weather but it doesn’t feel right. I’ve heard the whole planet is warming up, but don’t blame me because I just got here. The heat has been frying my brain and I’ve been forgetting when my homework is due. I forgot a BIG one toda. which was my country project for the International Showcase. In November, everyone had to choose a country to do a report on. I picked Italy, because I’m a HUGE pizza fan. But Italy was a very popular choice, so my social studies teacher had to draw names to see who got it. She chose Dennis Tracton, which isn’t fair because he’s lactose intolerant and can’t even eat cheese. So the teacher assigned me as Malta, which I didn’t even know was a country.

I’m seriously thinking of changing lunch tables, because I’m tired of sitting with Albert Sandy and all the other guys every day. One kid I won’t miss is Teddy Silvetti, who wears the same sweater all winter long. Teddy’s sweater has never been cleaned, and there are food stains all over it. Sometimes the kids at my table try to guess what each stain is and that’s what they were doing today. When we went home, me and Rowley went to grandma’s house and to warm up our clothes then mum found us and she took us home. We could buy some snowballs. Suddenly there was a big snowball war. We found a fort there was baby Gibson inside and we teamed up and started to throw some snowballs at the enemy’s and even baby Gibson joined in. Then all of us made a big fort and the lower surrey street kids came to attack but they went to arm themselves and they had a lot of hockey sticks to throw. We started to fight there was a lot of kids but me and Rowley, hid to stay away!


I think people should read this because Diary Of a Wimpy Kid is very fun to read, it like brings me into the book!

My rating would be a 9 out of 10!

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