Different Christmas traditions through out the world

Hi! Today I am going to be telling you about the different types of Christmas traditions through out the world.

You may think that on Christmas day, everybody opens presents and eat dinner. However, did you know that not everybody celebrates Christmas this way?

Christmas in Argentina!

In Argentina the weather is warm at Christmas. Preparations for Christmas begin very early in December and even in November! Their houses are beautifully decorated with lights and wreaths of green, gold, red and white flowers. Red and white garlands are hung on the doors of houses.

Christmas in Bangladesh!

December 25th is a public holiday for Christmas in Bangladesh even though only about 0.3% of the population, of about 170 million people, are Christians! Christians who live in big towns and cities often try and go home to their villages to spend Christmas with their families. Catholic Christians will go to a Midnight Mass service. A way of decorating buildings for different festive occasions in Bangladesh are ‘Nishan’ (which means small flag). These are strings made of lots of small, pink paper triangles.

Christmas in China!

In China, not a lot of people are Christians. Therefore, most people only know a thing or two about Christmas. Christmas is only often celebrated in major cities. In these big cities there are Christmas Trees, lights and other decorations on the streets. Santa Claus has grottos in shops like in Europe and America.

Christmas in Denmark!

People in Denmark often give and receive extra presents on the four Sundays of Advent. Christmas Parties are held from 1st November to 24th December where everyone has a great time! In Denmark most people go to a Church Service on Christmas Eve about 4.00pm to hear the Christmas sermon or talk. When they get home the main Christmas meal is eaten between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. It’s served on a beautifully decorated table. Popular Christmas foods include roast duck, goose or pork.

Christmas in Egypt!

In Egypt about 15% of people are Christians. They are the only people in Egypt who really celebrate Christmas as a religious festival. The Coptic month leading to Christmas is called Kiahk. People sing special praise songs on Saturday nights before the Sunday Service.

Christmas in France!

In France, a Nativity crib is usually used to help decorated the houses. During December some towns and cities have fairs that sell Nativity figures. They also have the normal Nativity figures in them but in France they have figures such as a butcher, baker, policeman and priest.

Christmas in Greece!

On Christmas Eve, children, especially boys, often go out singing ‘kalanda’ (which means carols) in the streets. As they sing, they play drums and triangles. Although Christmas trees are popular in Greece, an older and ,much more traditional decoration, is a shallow wood bowl.

Christmas in Hungary!

In Hungary, Christmas Eve is a very special evening because it is a Holy evening for everyone. People spend quality time with their families. They also decorate the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve! They usually eat fish soup on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas in Italy!

One of the most important ways of celebrating Christmas ,in Italy, is the Nativity crib scene. People in Italy usually find it useful to use a Nativity crib to help tell the Christmas story. This was made very popular by St Francis of Assisi in 1223.

Christmas in Japan!

Christmas has only been celebrated in Japan for the last few decades. It still isn’t seen as a religious holiday or celebration as there aren’t many Christians in Japan. Christmas Eve is celebrated more than on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is known as a romantic day. Young couples often go on walks together and look at all the festive lights.

Christmas in Kenya!

In Kenya, Christmas is a time where people are allowed to go home to their families and help prepare all the decorations. Houses and churches are decorated with colourful balloons, ribbons, paper decorations, flowers and green leaves.

Christmas in Latvia!

In Latvia, they do the normal things that we do. They believe in Santa, have presents and of course have a tree. Children are allowed to open presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Latvia also claims to have had the first Christmas tree. That is why, they are called home of the Christmas trees.

Christmas in Mexico!

Christmas is celebrated from the 12th December until the 6th of January in Mexico. Children often perform in a Posada on Christmas Eve. A Posada is an inn. In each Posada, children are given candles and they sing carols to other people.

Christmas  in New Zealand!

In New Zealand, like it’s neighbour (Australia) Christmas is celebrated in the middle of their Summer. Lots of people like to spend time by camping on the beach or staying in a holiday house for Christmas. New Zealand have their own carols that they sing and are popular around the country.

Christmas in Poland!

In Poland, Advent is the beginning of Christmas. It gives people a chance to remember the real reason about Christmas. Some people give up their favourite food or drinks. People also try to go to Church more frequently.

Christmas in Russia!

A few years ago in Russia, Christmas was not celebrated much. New year was made into the important time. In 1925 Christmas was banned as a religious holiday. In 1935 Christmas trees were banned. If people wanted to still celebrate Christmas, they had to do it secretly with their families!

Christmas in Spain!

In Spain, people go to Midnight Mass. In Spanish they call this the Mass of the rooster. It is called this because when Jesus was born, a rooster was supposed to have crowed. The most popular meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is seafood. Most families eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve before the service.

Christmas in Vietnam!

In Vietnam, Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day. Christmas isn’t an official public holiday, and people think that only Christians can have the day off. People celebrate by throwing confetti, taking pictures and looking at the Christmas decorations and lights.

Christmas in Zimbabwe!

For most people in Zimbabwe, Christmas Day starts with a church service. After the Church service, people usually have a party. This could take up the rest of the day! Only the main room is decorated with Christmas traditions. Some Zimbabweans have a Christmas trees, but the rest of the room is mainly decorated with plants like ivy.

The most important part of Christmas is to celebrate it with our families, and we should all think about the birth of Jesus.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article.

Merry Christmas!



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    it is amazing how people celebrate differently. their is so many countries and we all do it differently

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