Dinosaur- Allosaurus

One of the deadliest dinosaurs is the Allosaurus. This was a powerful dinosaur that lived many years ago, along with many other Jurassic dinosaurs. These facts are from books and research. Learn lots!


The Allosaurus lived about 150-155 million years ago, in North America. Othniel Marsh was the one who described the Allosaurus, Othniel lived in America and went to Yale College and Yale University, (1831-1899). Most Alosaurus fossils have been found in the Morrison Formation, a band of sedimentary rock found in the western United States. In 1991, 95% of a full Allosaurus skeleton was found in Wyoming, United States it was nicknamed “Big Al”. the Allosaurus skeleton helped many scientists have further study for the Allosaurus.


The name Alosaurus means different lizard. The Allosaurus had a large skull, it’s body and head were balanced by it’s massive, scaly tail. Like the Tyranosaurus-rex, the Allosaurus had a two short arms which three fingers on each, topped with with sharp, curved claws and walked on it’s hind legs. Research suggests that the average length of an Allosaurus was around 8.5 meters (28 feet) and weighed around 2.3 tones. The Allosaurus was a carnivore (meat-eater), which meant it featured big, sharp teeth that had edges like saws. They were very active predators and there is evidence that they attacked the Stegosaurus.


The Allosaurus is now a popular dinosaur that has featured in many books, documentaries and films such as Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1912 “The Lost World” and the BBC television series: Walking With Dinosaurs.


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  1. Another fact about dinosaurs: nobody knows what colour they were so they use today’s animals to guess the colour. Good fact by the way.

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