Disneyland Paris 2017.

Last Thursday, St Josephs and OLV year 6 went to Paris. Today, I will tell you all about the amazing time we had at our day in Disneyland!


My favourite ride was Big Thunder Mountain. I loved this ride because when I went on the same ride in Florida it wasn’t as good as the one is Paris. The Paris one is a lot longer and faster! We also went on Crush’s coaster which was my second favourite ride as when I was queuing, Louie and I imagined it wouldn’t be particularly scary or thrilling. However, when we got on we zoomed into and underground tunnel and blasted off into the submarine off of Finding Nemo! There were barrels, spins, drops and we even ┬átravelled vertically sprawling across the wall! It was AMAZING!


The experience of being at Disney was amazing! Whether it being the parade where we met our favourite Disney heroes, or the fireworks dancing along to famous Disney theme tunes. It was overall a fun time to spend away from school with your mates. It is definitely a dream come true.


I would definitely like to visit Disneyland Paris again as it is an amazing experience to see all the things that you would see on television in real life.

3 Comments on "Disneyland Paris 2017."

  1. VERY good Ollie great writing i loved thunder mountain too but preferred Indiana jones!
    keep up the good work by louie r

  2. Very good article Oliver! I enjoyed Paris as well. I enjoyed Indiana Jones but not Crushes Coaster.

  3. Martha Davies | Apr 22, 2017 at 10:35 am | Reply

    I have always wanted to go to Disney Land Paris. It is full of adventure and lets your imagination run wild! I cant wait to be in year six and have the same magical and wonderfull experience as you had here! Good Job Keep it up!

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