DIY Nativity Scene

How to make your own Nativity Scene, just in time for Advent!

•Short wooden model pegs or dolly pegs
•Fabric glue
•Straw (different sizes)
•Fabric scissors
•Gems / Jewels / Beads
•Small pieces of fabric (different colours)
•Thin gold ribbon


• To make baby Jesus, wrap a rectangle of white felt several times around the wooden model peg, just so the round ball (head) shows and glue it in place.

• To make the manger, bunch together some long straw, wind string around the ends and tie them to make a boat shape. Place some short straw inside.

• For the other characters, wrap felt around the pegs to make a cone-shape body. Stick the edges of felt with fabric glue. The cone body will allow them to stand.

• Attach more felt to the cone shape using glue to give all the characters different clothing.

• Decorate each figure for his or her character. For example, the angel has felt wings and a wire halo wrapped in thin gold ribbon. The shepherd has a wire fork, string belt and a fabric headpiece. The three kings have hands holding their gift and a crown made from the same material as their cloaks. To make the crown, cut a strip of felt and snip triangles out of one edge using fabric scissors. Pull this into a circle, glue together and then glue to the king’s head. To make the hands, cut a small circle from coloured felt. Cut a small triangle out of the top and bottom and stick on to each of the king’s cloaks. Then glue a gem, button or jewel on the hands. Joseph has a belt made from string and a fabric headpiece. Mary has a white fabric headpiece.

• Assemble your Nativity characters to form the Nativity Scene!

6 Comments on "DIY Nativity Scene"

  1. Good article Finn!

  2. that was really good cant wait to make it

  3. I am going to follow your instructions so that I can make my own DIY nativaty set.

  4. AlicjaDomagala | Dec 18, 2017 at 2:10 pm | Reply

    very good hard work is that i think i will ttry it at home24

  5. very good hard work is that i think i will ttry it at home24

  6. J McGuinness | Dec 18, 2017 at 6:35 pm | Reply

    Think you may have inspired people to try and make their own Nativity at home. Well done Finn!

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